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About Google ADWORDS

What is Google adwords:
Google adword is one of the best tool of advertising which is launched by google specially to gain traffic and is
very effective in traffic capture for many website. It is very cost effective and help to promote your specific products and services in an
effective manner.

How Google Adwords Helps:
Google adwords helps you in displaying your sites in various countries according to your willingness of being displayed. It mainly helps in targeting and attracting the customers which helps you in high traffic gaining for your site. The add displayed according to your budget and the amount .

How Google Adwords works:
Google Adwords works as follows:
1) First step is to visit the link www.adwords.com.
2) Second you should register there through a very simple step of filling up form which helps you to make your id in Google Adword.
3) Thirdly after get singning in select the amount according to your satisfaction but should not below 1rs/- per click.
4) Also you can select the amount to be spent per day.
5) Any new account get activated with some amount which is the minimum limit decided by GOOGLE ADWORDS.
6) This minimal charges is also known as activation charges of your account.
7) After having an account you have to recharge your account at your own
8) The activation charges is mainly for new account or the customers which are newly sighned in their new id or
are new in Google adwords.
9) Google Adword works mainly on pay per click management and the amount decided for per click will be spend after
only when any actual user generate a click on your add which is been displayed on your site.
10) This amount of click is mainly depends upon the number of visitors. As greater the number of visitor generate clicks the amount also been reduces accordingly. 11) The higher the amount set by you as pay per click the higher will be your add will displayed.